Mission Street
Mission Street is a 5-piece band composed of retired musicians formerly from New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas,
and now living in west central Florida. Their primary sound is jazz, both instrumental and vocal.

Mission Street band consists of:

Joe Dorreman: Guitars and Vocals  Jim Childers: Drums and Keyboards   Roberto Trompeo: Bass, Hammond
Organ and String arrangements   Carlos Cantero: Piano   Hercules Mack: Percussion and Vocals

Mission Street's goals are to create original content for the listener's pleasure and relaxation. This is accomplished
by playing select live-music venues and by marketing through various multimedia formats including radio airplay,
TV and radio commercials, music subscription services, and online streaming.

Mission Street's first album “Transformation” is available in CD format through Cd Baby; through digital download
on iTunes and Amazon; and via streaming on Spotify.
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Carlos and Roberto
The new single "Jesus Speak To Me Tonight"