Mission Street
Mission Street is a 6-piece band composed of musicians living in west central Florida. Their primary sound is jazz, both instrumental and vocal.

Mission Street band consists of:

Joe Dorreman: Guitars and Vocals
Jim Childers: Drums and Keyboards
Nadine Joy: Vocals and Percussion
Tony Basille: Keyboards
Hercules Mack: Percussion and Vocals
Bernie Rogers: Bass Guitar and Bass Guitar Synthesizer

Mission Street's goals are to create original content for the listener's pleasure and relaxation. This is accomplished by playing select live-music venues and by
marketing through various multimedia formats including radio airplay, TV and radio commercials, music subscription services, and online streaming.

Mission Street's first album “Transformation” is available in CD format through Cd Baby; through digital download on iTunes and Amazon; and via streaming on Spotify.

Featuring the talents of

Joe Dorreman: Guitars and Vocals
Jim Childers: Drums and Keyboards
Carlos Cantero: Keyboards
Hercules Mack: Percussion and Vocals
Roberto Trompeo: Bass, Hammond Organ and
String Arrangements

This was the band at the time the album was
recorded. Some have moved on, others have
remained and new members have joined.
Track Listing

1. Laguna Mornings
2. Malibu Nights
3. Transformation
4. Smile For Me
5. Sunsets at Anna Maria
6. Call Me
7 Waterfalls
8. Samba 103

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Meet the current members of the band
Joe Dorreman

Founder, guitarist and principal songwriter
for Mission Street. Joe is from New York and
has played jazz guitar for many years in live
performances, studio sessions and other
projects. Joe oversees the operations of the
band and is President of Nabb Records and
Jim Childers

Co-founder, drummer and contributing
songwriter for Mission Street. Jim also
contributes keyboards and song arrangement
on the "Transformation" album. Playing drums
since he was a child, he was influenced by his
father's involvement in jazz. Jim's father, Buddy
Childers was an American jazz trumpeter,
composer and ensemble leader. Childers
became famous in 1942 at the age of 16, when
Stan Kenton hired him as lead trumpeter. Jim
carries his music torch in to the future.
Nadine Joy- Vocals and percussion

A 'must -see-to-appreciate' kind of entertainer
whose talent has spanned the globe from
Manhatten to Melbourne in venues from Clubs
with Trios  to the big Stage with Orchestra.
Mission Street Band
Piano and Keyboard Synthesizer

     Tony's relationship with the piano started
at the age of 8. Ten years later began his first
house band ex
perience at Sciolla's Supper
Club in Philadelphia. From there, it was on to
Clubs, Hotels, Casino and TV appearances
across the country.
Hercules Mack:  Percussion and Vocals.

As one of the founding members of the band,
Hercules contributes to the Mission Street sound with
his dynamic steady percussive style and writes some of
the lyrics on the "Transformation" album. His voice is
smooth and soulful and compliments Joe's voice nicely.
Bernie Rogers: Bass and Bass Synthesizer

     Bernie Rogers has been a music fan his whole life. While
appreciating many kinds of music from a young age, it was
not until he was about 13 and got his first snare drum, then
picked up his parents old Harmony acoustic guitar at the age
of 15. With encouragement from a friend in high school who
taught him his first couple songs on electric guitar, there
was no going backward. When the garage band he played
with lost their bass player, Bernie took to the bass guitar role
right aw
       Bernie has since become a multi-instrumentalist and
taken on production and engineering duties in his own
recording studio while recording 3 albums of instrumental
music playing most of the instruments himself.